ReThink Life With Doyin

A podcast where we UNLEARN to RELEARN

Let's Unlearn To Relearn

You Bridge Health Rethink-Podcast-Cover-1024x1024 ReThink Life With Doyin

Rethink Life With Doyin (RLWD) is a podcast brought to you by Adedoyin Kolawole, The founder of You Bridge Health(YBH). 

Our mission At YBH is to empower out patients with actionable ways they can begin to transform their life from the inside out! Every session is meant to leave you feeling more hopeful about your future and clearer on your purpose. 

Follow along with Doyin as she helps you point out where your way of thinking must be unraveled so you can truly unlearn the false narratives that have been keeping you stuck. The process of Relearning as an ongoing process, and you don’t have to go through it alone. Join Doyin in the next episode of Rethink Life With Doyin. Available on YouTube and All Podcast streaming platforms.